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My name is Neil Swanson, and I created Hi Gain Guitar Academy to give everyone from beginners to advanced players a chance to learn electric guitar from a music industry insider.

I've shared the stage with artists like DAVE STEWART OF EURYTHMICS, DIAMANTE, MARTINA MCBRIDE, GRACE POTTER and BILLY RAY CYRUS as well as some straight up guitar heroes like ORIANTHI, RICHIE SAMBORA, STEVE VAI and BILLY GIBBONS.
I want to share my teaching experience and industry wisdom with you. Whether it's playing at home with friends, or on stages touring the world, I'm here to help!


  • Opportunities for one on one coaching

  • Community driven tabs, charts and resources and chat

  • Fresh perspectives on approaching guitar techniques

  • Lessons based on real stage experience and working with the pros

  • Lessons for EVERYONE from beginners to advanced players

  • Improve improvisation skills and how to play on the fly

  • Ear, pitch, and timing courses

  • Learn how to balance using both theory and feel

  • New Content added regularly, based on your feedback

I've been teaching guitar for many years, and still get really excited about it, so sign up today and let's get going!



Sign up now and let the guitar magic begin!

artist showcasing advanced guitar skills
guitarist playing for large crowd during a live performance
Legendary guitarist playing an electric guitar
Electric guitarist performing a solo with passion


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Grey Brick Wall

Neil has given me great instruction on learning guitar. I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. Helps me in all areas of the instrument.

Kip - Student

I am so glad I found Neil to help my daughter learn guitar! he is always excited to log in and learn new songs and techniques.

Janette - Parent

Neil is an exceptional teacher and master of the craft! He can relate guitar to anything which makes learning easy at all levels!

Chris - Student

rock music artist Diamante
Famous female guitar icon Orianthi
Eurythmics guitarist and producer Dave Stewart
Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora


Famous heavy metal artist
Acclaimed guitarist teaching during a master class


dive a little deeper BEHIND YOUR TEACHER

Neil Swanson, a seasoned virtuoso player in the realm of guitar, stands as a true luminary in the music industry. Practically born with a guitar in hand and a passion for rock coursing through his veins, Neil's journey began in the  streets of his hometown, Dallas, Texas. From local gigs to global stages, he has etched his name as a distinguished figure in the rock genre.


With a career spanning over two decades, Neil Swanson's unmistakable talent has graced iconic bands and solo projects alike.  Neil's distinctive style seamlessly blends technical prowess with raw emotion, captivating audiences worldwide. 


Beyond his role as a renowned guitarist, Neil Swanson has emerged as an inspiring mentor. As the driving force behind an acclaimed online guitar lesson academy, he shares the wealth of his musical knowledge with aspiring guitarists. Students from all walks of life have benefited from Neil's guidance, unlocking their full potential and embracing the power of music.

Unlimited streams of select videosAccess to "Getting started on guitar" programNo hassle cancelation7 days FREE!

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