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Programs & Workshops

Neil's signature licks

In this course, Hi Gain Guitar Academy creator Neil Swanson breaks down some of his signature licks he's grown over the years playing solo and with multiple artists.

Guitarist breaks down some of his signature licks

Intermediate Electric Guitar Skills

This program is designed to hone the skills of guitarists with some prior experience, guiding them towards mastering complex solos and achieving a heightened proficiency of playing.

Intermediate guitar skills being taught by an experienced instructor

Advanced Guitar Solo Intensive

Unlock the art of crafting captivating guitar solos with our specialized online program. You'll delve into the creative process, mastering techniques, scales, and expression to compose your own unique and memorable guitar solos.

crafting guitar solos using online lesson program

JUST getting started on guitar

Designed for absolute newcomers, this beginner-friendly program will teach you about your gear, tone, pitch, basic chords, and essential strumming patterns, laying a solid foundation for your guitar playing adventure.

Beginner guitarist learning the fundamentals of the instrument

Fretboard Flex Warm Ups

Fretboard Flex Warm-Ups. Designed to invigorate your fingers, enhance your dexterity, and boost your fretboard knowledge, these dynamic exercises are the perfect way to kickstart your practice sessions and prepare for peak performance. 

Guitar player stretching and warming up for a performance


Explore the rhythmic dimensions of guitar playing with our program focused on mastering diverse tempos. You'll develop precision and versatility as you navigate through various speeds, enhancing your ability to play with impeccable timing.

Musician practicing his ability to play with impeccable timing
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